New Jersey Coast, USA

September 27-29, 2024



3 Celebratory Days of Care, Community & Divine Connection

Welcome to Homecoming

where real change happens

This is a sacred space where every part of you is invited – we see and celebrate your fullness!

Over these three transformative days, we peel back the layers of societal expectations to reveal

the empowered, authentic woman you truly are (and always have been).

Beyond Surface-Level: Deep Dives and Genuine Connections

Expect engaging workshops that challenge and inspire, ​heart-to-heart share circles, and ceremonies that connect ​deeply with your spirit. This is about confronting truths, ​breaking free from imposed roles, and celebrating your ​authentic self in all its facets.

Strength in Your Story

Here, every part of your story is embraced. Homecoming is ​a celebration of vulnerability as strength, a place where your ​experiences are valued as pillars of your power and growth.

100% Pure YOU. What Does She Even Look Like?

Dive into Homecoming – not just a retreat, but a pledge to ​truly embrace and celebrate your authentic self.

It's an experience where every stride you take is supported by ​a sisterhood that understands and uplifts you. Break away from ​the everyday and step into a realm where you, in all your ​truth, shine brightest.

We’re ready to meet all of you. ♡

The Homecoming Experience

Discover the healing power of sisterhood in ​our sacred circles. Here, you'll connect ​deeply with fellow seekers, fostering bonds ​that enrich your journey. Together, you'll ​explore personal growth and ​transformation, leaving with unshakeable ​confidence in your unique magic and the ​impactful presence you bring to the world.

3 Nourishing Days of

Soul-Expanding Sisterhood

Embark on soul-nourishing journeys ​designed to guide you deeper into your ​own essence, offering clarity and ​empowerment. You’ll emerge with a ​profound sense of home within yourself, ​equipped with newfound clarity and a ​powerful connection to your life’s ​purpose.

Soul-Supporting Guided

Inner Journeys

Our retreat house offers a tranquil ​escape with its expansive decks ​overlooking the serene bay. Just a brief ​stroll away, the gentle waters invite ​peaceful reflection and a chance to ​reconnect with nature’s subtle beauties ​between sessions.

Sacred Circles

In Our Cozy Coastal Oasis

Carefully Curated

We know you’re attending Homecoming for more than soul-nourishing R&R.

We’ve created an intentional timetable with S P A C E so we can deep dive *and* so you ​have time to integrate and calibrate to these new frequencies.

You can expect ceremonies, singing bowls and cacao along with workshops,

share circles and time to yourself.

Your Investment

You know when you find that outfit that’s perfectly you AND it’s a great price?

That’s the vibe we’re giving for the value you’re getting!

$555 usd

(approx. $760cad, €515, £440 at the current exchange rate.)

Accessibility Notice:

Participants need to be aware that the retreat space is not wheelchair accessible and does require the use of many stairs.

Email to discuss if you have any concerns.

Introducing the ​

Bring a Bestie Bonus​

We know all about the power of sisterhood and community and how important it is to ​feel those bonds beyond a weekend retreat... so with that spirit, we created this ​incentive for you to bring your nearest and dearest on the Homecoming journey with ​you.

Have one friend join?

BOTH of you receive a 1-hour psychic coaching session with Seryna.

Have two friends join?

Get the coaching PLUS a 1-hour distance reiki session with Nicole.

Let us know who you’re coming with and this bonus will land in your hot little hands!

Meet Your Sacred Guides

Seryna Myers

Seryna is a Sacred Transformation Coach, Shadow Alchemist, ​and author of Sacred Anger. She guides recovering people ​pleasers and cycle-breaking women on journeys of self-​accept​ance and radical authenticity.

Nicole Schoen

Nicole is a Reiki Master-Teacher, Angel Intuitive and ​Medicine Mother. Her divine gifts and energetic mastery ​are essential to the Homecoming experience supporting the ​group, and each of us individually.

Tailored to your Desire...

No, not THAT desire you spicy minx!

on site slumber party

We have a limited number of shared spaces ​available at the house, booked on a first-​come, first-served basis so early booking is ​recommended.

a solo suite escape

Forked River has a variety of hotels, motels ​and air bnbs at every price point so if you ​prefer time and space to yourself, you can ​book a solo adventure.

your snug staycation

Are you local or have family to stay with in ​Jersey? We’ve still got a spot with your ​name on it. Come from wherever and ​we’ve got the rest covered.

Accommodations are NOT included in your Homecoming registration, allowing ​you to choose what kind of experience you desire to gift yourself.

Your Journey to Jersey

Your inner journey begins when you say yes, and starts to amplify when you start the journey to the sea side.

Forked River is a hidden gem (with that “other” Jersey shore getting all of the attention).

Whether you're flying, driving, or even teleporting (hey, we're all about the magic here), we've got you covered...

By Air:

  • Our cozy sea-side space is about 90 minutes from EWR ​- Newark (EWR) and Philadephia (PHL) airports.

By Road:

  • Our venue is located about 10 minutes off the New ​Jersey State Parkway, Exit 74.

Traveling from afar for this transformative retreat?

Embrace the opportunity to enrich your adventure by extending your stay and exploring New York City!

Take in a show, eat the finest foods, check out museums and galleries, and all the other magic the big apple has to offer.

Both JFK and Le Guardia airports are about 2 hours from the space.

(Based on our own experience, we highly recommend you extend your vacation BEFORE the retreat to

avoid energetic overwhelm afterwards.)

Love from Past Retreats

“[Homecoming] was an amazing ​place to really get to the ​bottom of what's going on for ​you... to really dig in as far (as ​you're willing) and allow yourself ​to feel and really release ​whatever you need to in the ​most loving and supportive ​atmosphere. Where not just ​Seryna, but everyone is there on ​your side, willing you on and ​supporting you and helping you ​get to wherever you want to ​go.”


“In my life I never felt like that I ​was ever at home. I always felt ​that home always had to be ​physical locations or family-wise. ​But I also know too, from my ​travels and things that I've done, ​that home is actually in my ​heart. Homecoming for me is ​more about me emotionally and ​physically returning to the ​actual place that is where I'm ​supposed to be. Sometimes I ​feel like I've lived other people's ​lives and not my own. I would ​say now that I've done the ​retreat, that I actually feel like ​I'm there.”


Shadow effect. Square shadow.

Nanaimo, 2024


Nanaimo, 2024

Shadow effect. Square shadow.

Puerto Vallarta 2023

"I'm still reeling from the ​amazing experience. I've made ​inspiringly beautiful friends. The ​workshops and their facilitators ​were life altering. Thanx to all ​the powerful Goddesses."


“What a wonderful energizing ​empowering experience.

Seryna has a unique ability to ​create a safe sacred space so ​the women attending can do ​the work to develop their inner ​knowing and clear the issues ​blocking their freedom.

If you have a opportunity to ​work with Seryna jump in and ​move forward on your path. ​You will not regret it.”


"It is really a weekend that fills ​your soul, enlivens your heart, ​and makes you feel the spirit ​within."


“Thank you from the bottom of ​my heart for putting this ​together, because of your vision, ​I felt so much love and ​connection during the time we ​were together, and even ​afterwards!”


Shadow effect. Square shadow.

Puerto Vallarta 2023

"A great weekend offering ​everything needed to search ​within, rest, explore, find a ​deeper love for myself."


"You create events that stick ​with a person, and bring ​together some magical people.

i feel like the goddess retreat ​made a mark that i can ​emotionally and sentimentally ​revisit."


“This retreat was what I needed ​for nurturing my soul. Seryna is ​very patient, kind, and a ​wonderful teacher. Her very ​accurate readings helped me ​focus on my divine purpose. I ​enjoyed each session.We were ​given tools to help us navigate ​through this lifetime.I’m truly ​grateful to have gone to this ​retreat and to have met new, ​likeminded people.”


“Everyone arrived strangers and ​all were lovingly greeted, made ​to feel at home and accepted ​just as they are ! No need to ​change or mask yourself. This is ​what made the weekend so ​amazing! Love and acceptance!”


Shadow effect. Square shadow.

Agassiz 2015

"I'm still reeling from the ​amazing experience. I've made ​inspiringly beautiful friends. The ​workshops and their facilitators ​were life altering. Thanx to all ​the powerful Goddesses."


Shadow effect. Square shadow.

Agassiz 2015

Deep Down, You’ve Always Known...

A Life Beyond Ordinary is Calling's the time to answer.

Embrace your destiny. Unleash your magic.

Your Journey Begins When You Come Home.